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Friday, December 23, 2011

I think it's my time to say good-bye

I'm sorry I haven't written the last few months...Mama got so busy with work that we let our blogging slip. It was a nice autumn - I enjoyed the nice sunny days with Mama and Auntie Val and Lillian.  Lillian went to obedience school again, which was nice for her.  

The past month or so, I've been sleeping more and more during the day.  One day, last week, Auntie Val texted Mama to tell her that I didn't get up until 2:45!  Then, yesterday, I started not feeling well...I didn't get up so Auntie Val brought my dinner upstairs to me.  I only ate about half.  I've been coughing a lot and last night I had a hard time walking - I couldn't stand up on my back legs and the laminate floor in the dining room was giving me a hard time.  Mama said I was listing, too, whatever that means.  Mama had to carry me up the stairs to my bed in the bedroom.  I feel a little anxious and find it hard to settle down.  Mama didn't sleep much at all last night because she was listening to my breathing and my moving around. She's been very sad yesterday and today.  I keep telling her not to be because I had a nice time here with her and Lillian and Auntie Val, and Maggie when she was alive.  

I think I'm kind of tired now.  Mama says I don't have the same light in my eyes anymore, no more pep in the step.  I'm sad to go because I liked it here a lot.  It was a nice home with other dogs and nice people (who were occasionally annoyed because my big head was in everything), and my own soft bed at night in a warm room with other sleeping people.  I had a nice time in the Spring when we met Auntie Val for the first time and an even better time this summer when I got to lay in the grass in the sun on those beautiful days while Mama and Auntie Val worked in the yard.  The Fall got a little gloomier, but it was okay, too.  But I think I'm tired and it might just be time to say good-bye to all you nice people.

Mama keeps telling me that there will be all kinds of other dogs I will meet where I am going.  She says that you all love me very much and that there are a bunch of dogs and people who will meet me where I am going.  I've really appreciated all the attention and love everyone has shown me since Auntie Erica and Auntie Ali found me in New York last Winter.  Mama was hoping I would make it through to the Spring again, but I don't think I can.    Mama knew that when I first came here, that it would be a little bit of a crapshoot about how long I would be able to stick around.  She's said before she didn't think I would make it this far.  But I did!  That's how I roll.

So from the bottom of my big heart, I want to thank you all for all you've done for me.  I had a nice several months that surely wouldn't have been possible without everyone's help.  Mama is very, very glad she had the chance to take care of me, even if I did poop on the floor sometimes.  She says she learned a lot from me about how even old dogs can love and be loved...she says she's kind of an old dog, so it helped her learn that it was okay to love Auntie Val.  She says she's not sure if she would have taken the chance if it hadn't been for me!  So I got to be an important dog, after all!  I am grateful beyond measure.

All My Love, 

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